Our non herbal teas are sourced through organisations who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. 
The goal of this partnership is to provide consumers with a clear perspective on:

1. Where tea is grown and processed.
2. The quality of lives for those living and working on the tea estates.
3. Fair pay for the work they do.
4. Coverage for their health.
5. Their housing needs.
6. Their childcare needs.

The Ethical Tea Partnership runs programmes to help tea producers improve against the Ethical Tea Partnership Global Standard, this is done by constant monitoring, and there are audits which are carried out by independent third-part auditors. There is a similarity here to Fair Trade, except that the Ethical Tea Partnership's focus is purely on tea. The ETP isn't just concerned about economics, but also by the environmental and social aspects of the tea trade. Because higher prices are paid for tea in developing countries, the ETP provides a safeguard against rogue companies increasing their profits further along the supply chain.

If you would like more information, please visit the link below.

The Ethical Tea Partnership